The transition to 2011

This website and home for all things Danielle Elise Photography, will be officially transitioning to a different design and interface by the end of February 2011. This layout will continue to be my blog for all things photography, where I can update more frequently with deals like coupons, special offers, updates on projects and giveaways (because I love giveaways!)

Some of the new changes and perks for new clients include:

  • Unlisted, password-protected galleries to be shared (or not shared!) at your own discretion.
  • Printing directly from client galleries and ordering high-quality products with more convenience (clients will no longer be running to the uncalibrated, unhelpful Kinkos with Cds to get prints!) Products include hundreds of nifty items, like calendars, postcards and even your very own rubix cube!
  • For internet-minded Facebookers and social networkers, digital downloads will be offered at an extremely reasonable price (compared to the average photographer in the area). You can choose from low resolution for general sharing, up to high resolution.
  • Photo turn-over will be fast. You will be able to view and order your photos within 24 hours or less.
  • Product packages and coupons will be managed directly through the site!
  • We will be accepting PayPal for deposits and session fee payments (as well as your typical check & cash!)
  • Clients will be able to view their galleries using several types of layouts in a more easy-to-use format.

Woo! I’m excited, and I hope you are too. To catch a sneak-peak of the site, visit!


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