Jacob has been a good friend of mine for enough years that I no longer can keep count (no pun intended). On top of being a great drummer, he is also a fabulous food-enthusiastic (like yours truly) and a pretty cool guy to boot. This shoot in of itself proved the latter point as I forced Jake and his new drum kit onto the train tracks in front of my house for a “really cool shot” as it started to rain (and while my boyfriend distracted him from the sidelines). Hopefully it was worth it!




Princess Party

I am so ashamed that I haven’t updated this blog in seven months! Where does the time go? So much has happened, including a trip to Europe, a lost camera, a new camera and tons of shoots in between. I’m going to be doing a lot of catch-up over the next two weeks so I start 2012 with a fresh footing and won’t need to be dipping into 2011’s stock.

From what I’ve heard, 2012 is going to be a powerful year with lots of changes. There’s the possibility that Dhiren and I will be relocating to Los Angeles and leaving our nook in Orange County, in the hopes of me doing graduate school there. I will also be expanding the photography business by leaps & bounds, especially since I’ve invested in better equipment.

These photos were taken a couple weeks ago for a student’s birthday party with the new camera & lens I got at the start of the month. The party was Rapunzel themed and absolutely adorable! All the details were there and the girls had a fabulous time. These are by far, the two most fashionable little girls I’ve ever met with the most discerning and elegant of tastes! They have a beautiful family in whole and I’m glad I got the chance to take a couple posed portraits of them together.

Radmer & Kathy’s Wedding

Last month I photographed Kathy & Radmer’s wedding in Fullerton, CA. The event was colorful and lively. I brought Dhiren along with me as my “assistant photographer,” and he took some of the best shots of the day!

Kathy made a gorgeous bride, and Radmer couldn’t have been more happy.

I wish them both the best!

Summertime is fine

Had a fun shoot with local model, Gisela a few weeks ago as the summer started heating up here in Southern California. Took advantage of the highly photographed Lab (aka “the anti-mall“) and their quirky backdrops.

I actually do not like summer: heat + traffic+ Danielle = cranky. But I do have fond memories of flagging down ice cream trucks, sprawling out on my grandmother’s air-conditioned kitchen tiles  &  running through sprinklers as a little girl.

Kind of puts me in the mood for a Poncho Punch Otter Pop.

Cupcake time!

I love shooting at birthday parties, especially for children. Children at parties are often so distracted and overwhelmed with people, presents and cake that photographers and cameras blend in and go unnoticed. I always capture a lot of good candid moments at birthday parties. This birthday was actually for my boyfriend’s nephew Max, who is the single most photogenic kid I know. Max’s mom, Chrissie is known for her fabulous cupcakes as well. Check out her bakery-on-the-go business at Ciao Cupcake!