Jacob has been a good friend of mine for enough years that I no longer can keep count (no pun intended). On top of being a great drummer, he is also a¬†fabulous food-enthusiastic (like yours truly)¬†and a pretty cool guy to boot. This shoot in of itself proved the latter point as I forced Jake and his new drum kit onto the train tracks in front of my house for a “really cool shot” as it started to rain (and while my boyfriend distracted him from the sidelines). Hopefully it was worth it!




Shoot with the “Long Beach Quartet”

Had a really fun shoot with the Long Beach Quartet (update: sources confirm that their actual name is Meritage now)
Members include Anthony, Alex, Dhiren and Steve.
The guys were really easy to work with and laughed throughout the entire shoot, especially since we had tons of commentary from passers-by.

Dhiren Panikker