The boyfriend and I finally made our way to Rome last December on our third trip to Italy and I gotta say, it was one of the most photogenic cities I’ve ever been to. Even the cranky street vendors look oddly beautiful when perched on a bridge over the Tiber.  I’ve been spending the long summer days organizing my photography archives and revamping my website in preparation for a lot more shooting this Fall. This takes a ridiculous amount of time for me because a) I get distracted easily and b) I am very nostalgic. Here are some of my favorites from the trip, though you can see our whole gallery here.

Back to the part about my website: Smugmug [the fabulous photo site that hosts my terabytes upon terabytes of images] released a new re-vamped site a couple days ago, which includes a streamlined platform with easier, updated interface.

Check out the new look when you get a chance!