The boyfriend and I finally made our way to Rome last December on our third trip to Italy and I gotta say, it was one of the most photogenic cities I’ve ever been to. Even the cranky street vendors look oddly beautiful when perched on a bridge over the Tiber.  I’ve been spending the long summer days organizing my photography archives and revamping my website in preparation for a lot more shooting this Fall. This takes a ridiculous amount of time for me because a) I get distracted easily and b) I am very nostalgic. Here are some of my favorites from the trip, though you can see our whole gallery here.

Back to the part about my website: Smugmug [the fabulous photo site that hosts my terabytes upon terabytes of images] released a new re-vamped site a couple days ago, which includes a streamlined platform with easier, updated interface.

Check out the new look when you get a chance!


Lobster tails & snowmen

Earlier this month, the boyfriend and I took a trip to New York for one of my grad auditions. We decided to take advantage of the 3000 mile flight and spend some extra time around Connecticut and Brooklyn, his original stomping ground. Happily, I brought along a pair of silk long johns, since it was 24 degrees when we arrived. Being a native California girl, this was completely foreign to me. Isn’t it supposed to be 75 degrees in March?

Lobster Tail from Cobble Hill